Rukpong Raimaturapong was born in 1990 in Khon Kaen, a province situated in North-Eastern part of Thailand. Originally trained as a graphic designer, Rukpong began to explore fashion since 2013.

Throughout his creative career, Rukpong has worked across different mediums, platforms and companies with creative positions at PP Group and Jim Thompson in Bangkok, Saint Laurent and Celine in Paris. Although the visual sense has always been the focus in his approach fashion stays the truest and complete form of his expression.
From the colours of the yarn in his silks, how a garment lays on the body, the images that he creates and all the way to how it is represented on a screen. His involvement throughout all the process is a true passion. Rukpong comes to fashion with curious eye but an open approach, uniting different know-hows, exploring different techniques and bridging different cultural references into a visually complex collection.

He is currently based in Paris.